Anti-aging secrets for your skin can look younger

The following are some of the appropriate Anti-aging skin care tips on may significantly slow down the aging appearance.

1, Dont smoking. Smoking can cause you to age quickly aside from the fact that it can bring about quite a number of lung problems of which cancer is the most serious. Smoking can deplete the skin’s oxygen level resulting in the formation of wrinkles. Prolonged smoking can damage the skin’s collagen making it less elastic.

2, To avoid prolonged exposure to the sun. Age spots, wrinkles and freckles are signs of over exposure to the sun. Make it a habit to apply sun block with SPF 15 before getting out of the house so you can be protected from the harmful rays of the sun. However, balance this with the need to get some vitamin D.

3, Clean frequently. It surely does feel so good to have a hot bath after working so hard the whole day. However, hot water may strip off the essential oils in the skin that make it look supple. A warm bath could be an alternative option. Harsh soaps can also remove the skin’s natural oils so it is best to use fragrance-free and hypoallergenic soap. After taking bath, pat your skin to dry. Never rub your towel on your skin. Always apply a moisturizing lotion all over your body to ensure that moisture is locked in.

4, Pay attention to diet. Eating the right kind of food has been constantly reiterated both at home and in school. A well-balanced diet plays a significant role in maintaining the skin’s natural glow. Foods rich in vitamins, minerals and high in fiber have proven to make the skin look fresh and young.

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Article: Anti-aging secrets for your skin can look younger

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