Allergies baby food supplement Precautions

Baby eating is the most worried about Mom and Dad problems, allergy baby’s diet is particularly important, the following six basic principles of allergy baby’s diet, parents must remember!

1. Be sure to start feeding supplementary food after 6 months of age.

2. Stick to the baby’s diet record.

3. Try to use fresh seasonal ingredients, do not eat unripe fruit, do not eat raw food, eat less greasy food and sweets.

4. try to choose cooking cooking.

5. In the baby 10 months old, vegetables and fruits can be cooked before making food.

6. At this stage of allergy food, as children grow, some may not be allergic to a certain period, you can consider adding again.

7. Identify a food allergy, you can try to replace this part of the nutrition with other foods, to avoid nutritional imbalance.

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Article: Allergies baby food supplement Precautions

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