A US study says grape wine can help lose weight

US researchers recently wrote that the chemical composition of grapes ellagic acid may slow the growth of fat cells and the formation of new fat cells. This means that drinking wine can help lose weight.

Oregon State University biochemistry expert Neil Shea and colleagues in the American journal “Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry,” the report said, they are people in the laboratory liver cells and fat cell contact muscadine extract four Natural chemicals. It was found that ellagic acid which can promote fat into energy section, which consume these fats. This effect is reflected in the liver fat was particularly evident, which is likely to improve liver function overweight people.

The researchers explained that this is because of ellagic acid can significantly slow down the formation of existing fat cells grow new fat cells, liver cells while promoting the metabolism of fatty acids. This means that the wine or grape juice will help overweight (especially metabolic patients) better physical conditioning.

But the researchers also stressed that drinking wine in moderation, ellagic acid is not a weight-loss pills, not because of the intake of this material is to ignore the healthy eating and active exercise.

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Article: A US study says grape wine can help lose weight


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