9 tips to prevention of dysmenorrhea

Sedentary can lead to lower body poor blood circulation easily lead to dysmenorrhea. Prevent dysmenorrhea, recommend less sitting and more walking, pay attention to the abdomen warm, eat less spicy food, more exercise.

1, To keep the abdomen warm

Female uterus catch cold, in addition to cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea, it will also result in a weak libido, lack of desire. Congestion of the uterus caused by exposure to cold, resulting in increased vaginal discharge, vaginal health environment fall, causing dysmenorrhea, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis. Therefore, a good warm abdominal work, women can avoid many gynecological diseases.

2, Be sure to pay attention to the waist warm

Women’s waist is a sensitive area of health. Women often wear low waist pants in winter if the waist is easy to catch cold, lower body, it is easy to catch a cold, a direct result of exposure to cold female uterus. Female uterus exposure to cold will cause cold hands and feet, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms.

3, To keep the lower body blood circulation

Lower body, lack of exercise, can lead to pelvic congestion, resulting in increased dysmenorrhea, while the heart and blood vessels do not benefit, but also lead to female breast sagging. In addition, female genital perennial wet, humidity too easily lead to fungal vaginitis caused women dysmenorrhea, should be minimal use of gas impermeable sanitary pads.

4, Pay attention to moderate conditioning adjusted life

To do a regular life. Sleep would go to sleep, eat when we should eat. Appropriate work and rest is very important. Time to get some sleep guaranteed. So for health and relax the nerves are very helpful.

5, Eat less food stimulation

Premenstrual or menstrual period, when not to eat raw and cold or relatively spicy food. Especially not cold, it will be very easy to increase the degree of dysmenorrhea. Of course, if appropriate, drink some ginger syrup, the result will be more good.

6, Exercise

To strengthen the physical exercise, enhance physical fitness, enhance the female body’s ability to adapt to the cold, even on weekdays, more walking, brisk walking regularly can Regulating blood, improve blood circulation, so that the body warm. And strengthening exercises while in life also need to maintain a pleasant mood and positive attitude towards life, which is whether or not women’s health plays a vital role.

7, Pay attention to diet

In the diet appropriate to eat some warm food, such as lamb, beef, etc., eat less cold food, such as: cold drinks, especially in the menstrual period of fasting fishy cold spicy food stimulation, can effectively prevent dysmenorrhea.

8, Do regular health check

In everyday life, you can also do the women’s regular health check, and check the health of the female body, to understand what causes women dysmenorrhea, treatment according to the specific situation.

9, Work and rest

There menstruation dysmenorrhea patients should pay attention to ensure adequate sleep, and labor can work as usual, but to prohibit strenuous exercise, such as playing, swimming, running, carry heavy pick, etc., in order to avoid excessive menstrual flow, caused by blood loss or gas blood runs sluggish, so recurrent dysmenorrhea. Some white-collar women who have menstrual pain, can not be long-term in a sitting position, next to the desk computer, should be appropriate to move, so that blood flow.

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Article: 9 tips to prevention of dysmenorrhea


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