9 kinds of foods pregnant women should not eat

What foods pregnant women should not eat? Follow list :

1, Eat less spicy food: pepper, pepper, pepper and other condiments more irritating, more food can cause constipation in normal people. Therefore, we recommend that you try to avoid such food intake.

2, To avoid alcohol: alcohol is an important factor in fetal malformations and mental retardation.

3, To avoid eating too much sugar: If regular consumption of high-sugar foods, often cause glucose disorders, and even become potential diabetic patients.

4, To avoid eating MSG: MSG is glutamate composition, excessive consumption can affect the absorption of zinc, is not conducive to the development of the fetal nervous system.

5, To avoid eating ginseng, longan: Chinese medicine that pregnant women most of the Yin and blood deficiency, consumption of ginseng will cause Qi Sheng Yin consumption, aggravating early pregnancy reaction, edema and hypertension, etc.; . Therefore, we recommend that you consider carefully before eating.

6, To avoid eating pickled foods: Although these foods delicious, but containing nitrite, benzene pyrene and so on, is very detrimental to the body.

7, People with allergic constitution careful food sensitized food: food may sensitize the impact of food on the fetus has not aroused people’s attention, but in fact, the sensitized food is likely to cause miscarriage, premature birth, fetal malformations and other malignancies as a result of.

8, To avoid eating all kinds of “contaminated” food: food from its raw materials until the entire process of consumption, will go through many necessary steps, may be contaminated to varying degrees, the human body to bring harm. Therefore, fresh natural foods should be used as far as possible, to avoid eating foods containing additives, colorings and preservatives; vegetables should be thoroughly cleaned and the fruits should be peeled and then eaten to avoid pesticide contamination.

9, To avoid eating canned food: canned food contains additives and preservatives, is the leading cause of teratogenic and miscarriage risk factors.

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Article: 9 kinds of foods pregnant women should not eat


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