9 kinds of food to eat to lose weight in winter

What to eat able to lose weight in winter? In winter, reduced physical activity, and increased appetite, little attention will gain weight. So, what food you can eat to lose weight? Do not worry, the following 9 kinds of diet foods, you can eat to stay slim.

1, Corn: Among all the staple food, maize, the highest nutritional value and beneficial health effects. The vitamin content of corn is 5-10 times that of rice and wheat. Corn also contains a lot of magnesium, magnesium helps to enhance intestinal peristalsis, help the body excrete waste, so eat corn on the lose weight is very favorable.

2, Hawthorn: Hawthorn have the benefit stomach, helps digestion, Hawthorn also contains enzymes break down fat, can promote fat decomposition, which contains a variety of organic acids, can improve the protease activity, contribute to lower blood pressure, lower lipid, adjuvant therapy of secondary obesity effect.

3, Adlay: Adlay high in fiber, and rich in protein, fat, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Is a low-fat, low calorie food, but also the ideal weight loss diet food. In particular help to improve the edema obesity. Eat as well as whitening, speckle reducing effect.

4, Black rice: black rice contains more dietary fiber, that is nutrition and particularly resistant to hunger. Female friends want to lose weight, we must eat black rice to the tonic blood and kidney. Over time more and more not only the skin smooth and delicate, and the body becomes both slim and healthy.

5, Baby cabbage: Winter’s a lot of people do not seem very spiritual to exclude often stays up late, eating disorders and other factors, the potassium deficiency is a very important factor, this time you can eat Baby cabbage. Baby cabbage which is rich in potassium, this substance can lead to better regulate metabolism, help lower body lose weight and the elimination of edema, as well as to help the stomach and intestines, promote bowel movement.

6, Black beans: Black beans which are rich in protein, it can not only slow down the rate of fat metabolism in the liver, which can achieve a variety of fatty acids and cholesterol reduction purposes, the body can also reduce the number of fat, natural lose weight and can help weight control of the.

7, Potatoes: to compare with other staple foods, potato starch contains not too much. For example, baked potatoes than rice, bread of energy should be low, but the potatoes are stronger satiety. This is because the higher the amount of water contained inside the potato, of which only about 20% starch content, and also to produce satiety rich soft dietary fiber. Therefore, if the diet potatoes instead of white rice, white bread, then it is difficult to make people fat, and even weight loss.

8, Kale: Kale is rich in dietary fiber which can better promote laxative, less body fat.

9, Pumpkin: Pumpkin which is rich in crude fiber, vitamin A and retinol, if you regularly work overtime, then stay up all night, often eating pumpkin is very good. Another pumpkin more potassium in particular, and the proportion of potassium and sodium, calcium and magnesium ratio is very reasonable, and can balance the body fluid concentration, drainage to eliminate edema.

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Article: 9 kinds of food to eat to lose weight in winter

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