9 healthy benefits of sexual life make love

Sex life is often considered to be in life. In fact, in addition to meet the desires, the male and female sexual make love and these ten benefits! Appropriate amount of make love, health and well!

1, Best weight loss method
Sex life can promote fat burning. Harvard University study found that summer make love can consume more energy, weight loss is significant. Male sexual life body movement coordination is a very effective way to exercise one. The study also found that, in a sunny season make love, helps a variety of secretion of hormones, improve health.

2, Predict eye health
Sexual life will not only allow too tight around the neck and shoulder muscles to relax, but also to help determine whether the eye health. Sexologists and ophthalmic experts found that sexual life, will relax the muscles around the eye, if this vision blurred eye must be timely to do a special inspection.

3, Maintaining healthy private part
Male private parts if prolonged lack of blood flow will cause a corresponding organization withered and died. Adhere to regular make love, male genitals can help blood flow, maintaining a normal erection.

4, Improve fertility
Quality sexual life more times, the combination of sperm and ovum ability stronger. If the couple want to give birth, we should as much as sex.

5, Protect the prostate
British researchers found that 50-year-old male after sexual love persist, the likelihood of prostate cancer will be significantly reduced. Because sex can scour the waste accumulated in the prostate, help fight prostate cancer

6, Improve the success rate of smoking cessation
Study found that smoking will cause male erectile dysfunction, and make love will greatly enhance the chances of success.

7, Improve depressed mood
Process of sexual life, the brain to release endorphins, which is a pleasure hormones, mental health benefits and help treat depression and allow my mind to be more awake.

8, Protect the heart
British researchers found that regular weekly make love, allowing the likelihood of heart disease and stroke by half. Israeli researchers conducted a study found that female orgasm twice a week, the likelihood of heart disease decreased by 30%. This is because sexual life can inhibit the release of stress hormones endorphins, thus reducing the rate of heart attacks. Due to heart disease caused by sexual life is very low, only 1% of heart disease because sexual life is too violent and cause.

9, Prevent incontinence
Royal Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology spokesman believes that make love can be a strong pelvic muscles, reduce seepage and incontinence of urine to help prevent stress incontinence and prolapse after old age.

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Article: 9 healthy benefits of sexual life make love

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