9 good habits make your skin whitening

Whenever training whitening habits, and strengthen whitening homework is essential. Whitening, not a momentary thing, to white skin naturally moist, must adhere to the necessary long-term whitening habits. The following nine habits though sounds a bit cumbersome, but beauty is not only good-looking white color, but also make people feel more noble and elegant, and it is easy for a woman to show a sense of taste and quality.

1: Cleansing whitening foundation

Carefully wash every day, not only to thoroughly clean the skin, but also for special skin conditioning ingredients to make follow-whitening products better absorption, and thus achieve a multiplier effect.

2: Vitamin is essential

Vitamins A, C, E, etc., not only can regulate body functions and improve immunity, but also to improve the skin tissue, inhibit pigmentation. Usually eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage, etc., will not only allow fair-skinned, but also increase the vitality of the skin.

3: Sunscreen  is the primary

No matter the weather overcast and sunny, we need to prevent ultraviolet UVB and UVA damage to the skin, it should become your habits. To go and try to avoid strong sunlight, sunscreen to prevent sunburn, sunburn and aging of a powerful weapon. Remember that every 2-3 hours would also re-apply once the sun is a complete program

4: White to all year

White homework needs to start early, do not wait for the summer season before taking action. Before the age of 25, the skin has a “reversible”, even if there is hyperpigmentation, white can slowly come back, but after 25 years of age, the skin more often must rely on maintenance whitening products can make the skin regains its original white.

5: moisturizing skin drink

Tight structure of the cuticle, even tough protective layer and a water-soluble lipid membranes are the best natural skin barrier, no matter where they are in the middle of a part of a problem, our skin will be the loss of moisture, dry dull look. One week twice a moisturizer to relieve dry skin whitening mask, white skin Hydra fastest way.

6: get whitening belief happy mood

Whitening luster always happy bloom on the skin, relaxed mood can make the skin nourished in the best condition, so that speed up the metabolism, so that the pores breathe, from the inside to the field will be free to release the white energy.

7: essential oils awaken the skin

Basil, lavender, lemon, peppermint, rosemary, roses and other essential oils can be used as a carrier to deliver the active ingredients into the skin whitening product delivery than the inner layer, which makes the skin glow, whitening transparent.

8: Massage the skin rechargeable

Microvascular dermal layer is divided into deep and shallow two parts, deep blood vessels to regulate body temperature, superficial skin blood vessels responsible for supplying nutrients. Massage to provide oxygen to the skin, to enhance its vitality has a magical effect, moderate friction can promote blood circulation, accelerate skin blood supply, so white healthy complexion.

9: Chinese medicine meridians, improve circulation

Herbs have a whitening effect of ginseng, pine pollen, Coix, Poria powder, Breit, ginkgo, mulberry walnuts, purslane, aloe, etc., a whitening effect amount to eat some food or medicine, not only to maintain fair and clear skin moist, but also not easy to spot.

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Article: 9 good habits make your skin whitening


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