8 Ways to anti-computer radiation

As computers become essential to modern life, office and entertainment tool, a tremendous convenience, it also brings to deadly radiation on the skin, so a lot of skin at the computer all day is getting worse, mood more and worse. Do not worry, now is a good way to introduce eight kinds of anti-computer radiation.

1, To ensure the screen clean
Preboot every day with a clean fine cloth to wipe the screen to reduce the dust.

2, Isolate the most important
To learn how to use Cream, a thin layer, we can make the skin isolate dust. Such as the use Whitening Cream, protective milk. In addition, with a little foundation with breathable function, can build a barrier between the skin and the dust outside, but do not use oil-based foundation.

3, Regular cleaning
“Electrostatic dust” to make your face is dirty. A half-day off work, be sure to wash your face, hands, according to the skin, use a different series of cleanser cleansing, the skin relax; bath after work in a timely manner.

4, Regular moisturizing
computer radiation can cause skin dryness. Around a bottle of water agent products, such as liquid nourishment, Whitening Softener, essence, etc., often to face replenish water. Add some moisture high in skin creams and anti-wrinkle cream in their skincare products.

5,  Homemade anti-radiation Toner
With a 1:5 ratio of glycerol and white vinegar, rubbed the skin, both skin becomes smooth and delicate, but also save money. Drink plenty of water, both to replenish moisture loss, and promote metabolism.

6, Each week doing deep cleansing and moisturizing mask
For deep cleansing and moisturizing the skin, helps to shrink large pores becoming more. The best personal and professional use by skin care products, while paying attention to with normal routines and diet. However, you want to shrink pores, improve skin texture, definitely not an overnight thing, any method must be long-term sustainable use will reveal the results.

7, Regularly drink green tea
Green tea polyphenols have strong antioxidant activity. But note that the monthly menstrual period comes after a meal and During Pregnancy, are not concentrated green tea drink.

8, Often drink fresh juices and raw vegetable juices
Without cooking fried fresh juices and raw vegetable juices are the body’s “cleaner”, can lift the body of accumulated toxins and waste. Fewer toxins, the skin will be smooth many more.

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Article: 8 Ways to anti-computer radiation


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