8 tips to help you get rid of fat to weight loss

Summer is the “Few Extra Pounds world” who are most painful season, maybe you have control of the diet, but also consumes a lot of calories through exercise, lose most of the fat. American magazine “Prevention” offers some simple and effective way to look at it.

1.  4-5 times a week for aerobic exercise
Aerobic exercise can burn calories, if you want to maintain the weight loss results, adhere to exercise is essential. In addition, should adhere to three times a week “interval training.” Canadian researchers found that when women alternately high and soft pedaling strength training, fat burning aerobic training alone higher than 66%.

2. Do not move around as much as sitting
Body and you will always have some little trick play: sport, the more they want to sit down and rest. Do not on this little trick when, walking stick and more, to minimize the time to sit down and help you burn more fat. Compared to remain seated, multi-station for an hour a day, you can burn more than 100 calories.

3. portable pedometer

Studies have shown that exercise pedometer to bring help to stimulate movement passion for their sport to set higher goals. In order to maximize weight loss results and may wish to set their own goals, and to record the results of each campaign.

4. Contrived weight training
Want to lose weight more efficiently, you can also do strength training to achieve the goal. The aerobic exercise and strength training combined, weight loss can be increased by 30%.

5. Less meat

Less meat has been shown to effectively reduce the weight loss cycle. Studies have shown that the average weight vegan 20% lower than others.

6. Eat an apple before a meal

An apple a day will help control weight. Before a meal eat less food calories, so eat dinner, more likely to have a sense of satiety, reduce the intake of high-calorie foods.

7. Weekend most in need of vigilance
Even if a dieter is difficult to resist the temptation of the weekend will be an extra intake of 420 calories. Do a weekend warrior to lose weight it, withstood the temptation of food, you can choose to use a smaller plate containing food, so you can eat less.

8. Records diet diary

Carefully recorded on a daily diet of people do not record were more than twice as much weight to lose. At the beginning of the recording must be done Note: To be honest, accurate, complete, and stick to it.

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Article: 8 tips to help you get rid of fat to weight loss


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