8-10 walnuts a day to lose weight and anti-aging

Walnuts, is the world’s four nuts (the other three are almond, cashew, hazelnut) one. Walnut fruit very rich in nutrients, it is relatively nutrients, the nutritional value of walnuts is 8.5 times soybeans, peanuts 6 times, 12 times the eggs, milk 25 times, (1 kg of walnuts, nutritional value equivalent to 5 pounds milk, eggs or 9 pounds) of meat 10 times.

A study about the different food antioxidant levels showed: antioxidation of walnut, is not inferior wine, apples, walnuts because there include selenium, melatonin, γ- vitamin E and a variety of complex phenol at least 10 different kinds of antioxidants for maintaining young and healthy is very good, is the ideal diet food. Meanwhile, walnuts can make people have a strong sense of satiety, before enjoying a meal or meals to eat in walnuts can prevent excessive eating, weight control is more effective. In addition, the study also showed that: eating 1.5 ounces per day just a few of the walnut, you can play a protective effect on the heart, because walnuts contained a lot of Omega-3 fats reduce total cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol levels while also strengthening the cardiovascular protection.

Especially for friends to lose weight, eat too much meat to worry about excessive heat, a lot of people mainly vegetarian, vegetarian menu and lack of iron, zinc, calcium and linolenic acid and other nutrients in walnuts can get. About 45g walnuts, and nutrients contained in one ounce (28 grams) of meat contained in the nutrition is.

But it is worth noting that although there are many benefits of walnuts, but high-calorie, 627 kcal / 100 g. Amount to eat antioxidant helps increase satiety and weight loss, eating more will cause heat excessive. Limited to 45 grams of walnuts a day, about 8-10 pieces of walnut (walnut edible portion of each of about 4-7 grams).

Walnut Sheller direct consumption has been very delicious. If you think this is too monotonous, you may also be some small tricks, such as adding crushed walnut in breakfast cereals, yogurt or eaten together.

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Article: 8-10 walnuts a day to lose weight and anti-aging


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