7 Hypertension diet taboos

For high blood pressure, I believe that friends have a certain understanding of it, the disease has brought great trouble to the patient friend, and during the treatment of the patients should also pay attention to diet, then forwhat is hypertension patients diet taboo?

1, Control energy intake. Advocate eating complex carbohydrates, such as starch, flour, more standard corn, millet,oats and other plant fiber foods, promote intestinal peristalsis, facilitates the excretion of cholesterol.

2, Limiting the intake of fat. The intake of animal fat should be limited in the diet, use vegetable oil when cooking.Can eat some fish, marine fish contain unsaturated fatty acids, can cause the oxidation of cholesterol, thuslowering plasma cholesterol, the prevention of stroke.

3, Amoderate intake of protein. Hypertensive patients daily amount of protein per kilogram of body weight 1 grams is appropriate. The plant protein accounted for 50%, the best use of soy protein, soy protein can prevent the occurrence of stroke. Should also eat 2-3 times a week fish protein, can improve blood vessel elasticity and permeability, increased urinary sodium excretion, thereby reducing blood pressure.

4, Eat more contain rich potassium, calcium low sodium foods, such as potatoes, taro, eggplant, kelp, lettuce, wax gourd, watermelon etc.. Because potassium can promote the excretion of cholesterol, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, have a diuretic effect, is beneficial to the improvement of cardiac contractility. Calcium rich foods such as milk, sour milk, sesame paste, dried small shrimps, green vegetables, has a protective effect oncardiovascular.

5, Dietary should light. Appropriate to reduce sodium intake helps lower blood pressure, reduce the sodium and water retention in the body. Daily salt intake should be below 5 grams.

6, Eat more green vegetables and fresh fruits, in favor of myocardial metabolism, improve myocardial ability andblood circulation, promote the excretion of cholesterol, prevent the development of hypertension.

7, Avoid edible excited nervous system of food, such as wine, strong tea, Coffee, smokers should quit smoking.

Details of seven about hypertension diet taboo said above, I believe that friends have said for several dietary taboos above it all have a certain understanding. For the hypertensive patients with friends in the treatmentperiod, do what is said above diet, exercise more, maintain a good attitude, this regarding the illness alleviate and improvement of some help.

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Article: 7 Hypertension diet taboos


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