6 weight loss tips promote metabolism to maintain good figure

Strong metabolism is the best helper for you to lose weight, how to effectively promote metabolism? 6 weight loss tips to promote the body’s metabolism, and easy to maintain a good figure.

1, Drink plenty of water and tea

Human metabolism of 70% participation in the water, so water is the key to improve metabolism. Eight glasses of water a day, not let you disposable drink so much, is not to make you very thirsty to drink, but the water on your fingertips at all times to add water. If the body heat of the girls, you can replace the water with tea, but I remember after 20:00, do not drink a cause edema and affect sleep.

2, Avoid overeating

The metabolism of the human body has a regularity, overeating, often full meal hunger meal is easy to destroy the normal metabolism of the law. Gastrointestinal digestion, detoxification dysfunction is very bad for the body. Therefore, to ensure that regularly targeted quantitative three meals a day, is to ensure that the basic conditions of the metabolic rate.

3, Do not holding back urine forbearance stool

Many people have holding back urine and forbearance bowel habits, some have to do so because of busy work, and some simply do not want trouble running back and forth. Actually best to promote metabolism method is the one they intended to urinate when go emptying, and avoid garbage reabsorption of substances circulating in the body, reducing the accumulation of toxins, nor will it stimulate the intestinal wall and kidney injury .

4, Menstrual keep warm

Women are more likely than men to metabolic low menstrual problems, metabolism and endocrine At this special time chaotic immunocompromised also easy to chill into the body. This will cause a slow down blood circulation, the menstrual detoxification diminished capacity, and then lead to the accumulation of toxins and waste, cause edema and obesity. So menstruation must keep warm body metabolism strong.

5, Reduce hormone intake

Directly affect human metabolism of hormones and endocrine stable condition, many foods today contain more or less of the hormone ingredients, so try to choose natural ingredients, for some high-tech cultivation planting, breeding, rearing and genetically modified food , try to eat less. Contains a lot of hormones in some birth control pills, nutritional supplements, and even skin care products and cosmetics will, so be sure to choose carefully.

6, Adhere to a daily movement

Exercise for half an hour a day to promote metabolism and digestion, and is more than sufficient to accelerate body detoxification. The best exercise is to take a walk after dinner. Afternoon tea time for yoga practice, adhere been doing can increase metabolic efficiency, can enhance the body’s endurance and immunity, long-term adherence is the most effective method to keep fit.

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Article: 6 weight loss tips promote metabolism to maintain good figure

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