9 tips for baby eczema

(1) In the case of milk allergy, you can boil the milk more than a few times, change its composition and structure, to reduce allergenic, less milk sugar, milk replacer, or try other foods;

(2) In the case of certain food allergies, you can begin to eat a small amount, and then slowly increase the volume, so that children gradually adapt. Eat eggs, try to eat a single egg, do not eat protein, if necessary, use of plant protein foods;

(3) Food should be rich in vitamins, mineral and water, sugar and fat in moderation, eat less salt, avoid too much body fluid;

(4) Breast feeding, such as risk of eczema in children, nursing mothers should be suspended for eating allergenic foods.

(5) Day care, we should pay attention to: try to do a large alkaline soap. In addition to the baby’s facial oil with the application, but without any cosmetics;

(6) Does not wear synthetic, wool clothes, preferably cotton with a soft light-colored clothes should be loose;

(7) To avoid scratching the skin infection, use a soft cloth wrapped his hands, but to observe the ground to prevent the thread winding fingers;

(8) And other parts of the scalp and eyebrows to form the crust, can be coated sterile oil, then gently scrub the next day;

(9) Eczema attack, do not receive the vaccine, so as to avoid adverse reactions.

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Article: 9 tips for baby eczema

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    Great tips on dealing with infant eczema. With regards to yur points on clothing and wrapping their hands – I believe these to be two of the best tips! To address these needs, we created “Sock Monkeys Clothing” for children with eczema. These clothes are made of snuggly soft organic cotton and have covered hands to prevent fingernails from damaging sensitive skin. Also, the seams are on the outside to prevent aggravation and chafing. It is not a cure, but extremely helpful as part of a treatment regimen to provide relief and peace of mind. Best of luck to all the parents out there dealing with this…it CAN get better…

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