6 major side effects of drinking beer in summer

Beer is known as “liquid bread”, moderate drinking, cooling and hot weather, increase appetite, promote digestion and has a role. However, drinking a lot of beer is a great harm, may induce these diseases.

Acute gastroenteritis: drink a lot of beer in a short time will dilute the gastric juice, so that damage to the acidic environment of the stomach, reducing gastrointestinal immunity, susceptible to pathogens, causing dysentery, acute gastroenteritis, intestinal infectious diseases; while enhancing the stomach due to intestinal motility speed, speed up the excretion of food, prone to bloating, diarrhea.

Alcoholic liver disease: beer itself is nutrient-rich, producing heat, contains nutrients can be absorbed mostly because of alcohol to be metabolized by the liver, liver damage large quantities of alcohol, can lead to alcoholic liver.

Stones: beer brewing malt juice, containing only calcium and oxalic acid, and contains a large amount of purine, drink a lot of excess heat generation, increased production of uric acid, to promote the occurrence of stones.

Cardiovascular diseases: prone to cause short-term heavy drinking increases blood volume, increase the burden on the heart and blood vessels, to cardiovascular, kidney, liver, lungs and other organs caused damage, some people will appear dizziness, increased blood pressure, heart rate and even lead to the onset of cardiovascular disease.

Cold: drink plenty of cold beer, will lead to a sudden cold shrink pores, suspend sweating, the body heat is blocked, thereby inducing colds and other diseases.

Aggravate side effects of drugs: If you are taking the following medications, people should not drink, such as antiepileptic drugs, antidiabetic drugs, antidepressants, sedatives, antibiotics, nitrates drugs, hemostatic agents, antihypertensive drugs, anti-TB drugs, allergy medication, etc., because alcohol will increase the side effects of these drugs.

Each adult should not be more than 300 ml beer, drinking temperature preferably about 8 ℃, cool taste when drinking is most obvious. Not sharing meals with salted and smoked foods, should eat fruit and light meals, beer, peanuts are the best of food and wine.

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Article: 6 major side effects of drinking beer in summer


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