6 kinds of nutrition foods to improve baby immunity

What food nutrition to ? Appropriate increase in nutrition, in order to meet the rapid growth of the needs of children and improve child immunity. So, the parents how to provide nutritional protection for the child’s growth and development it?

1, Protein: the driving force of protein of the immune system is to constitute the basic elements of human cells. Body if a serious lack of protein will lead to the decrease in the number of lymphocytes, resulting in a serious decline in immune function. Therefore, more intake of high-protein food, rich in animal protein containing globulin can help baby improve immunity.

2, Vitamin A: increase the number of immune cells to vitamin A and the integrity of the cell, can help cells against oxidative If the body is deficient in vitamin A will cause shrinkage of the thymus and spleen of, relatively immune cells vitality also with reducing . Therefore, adequate intake of vitamin A, will be able to enhance the vitality of immune cells and increase the number of immune cells.

3, Vitamin C: the effective antioxidants vitamin C increase in white blood cells to engulf bacteria, and enhance the ability of the thymus and lymphocyte, help the body to increase the resistance to the content and enhance the content of the blood interferon, is a potent antioxidant. resistant to the destructive molecules is one of the vitamins to enhance immunity.

4, Vitamin E: the bane of free radicals Vitamin E is the bane of free radicals, but also can promote the production of antibodies, from the point of view of fighting the virus, has antioxidant properties, and enhance the role of the immune cells.

Such as: olive oil, linseed oil, egg yolk, lettuce, pepper, milk, wheat bread, cabbage, peanuts and other foods.

5, B vitamins: impact of antibody producing B vitamins and the body’s antibody, white blood cell production, lack of B vitamins will affect the number of lymphocytes and antibody production, but can also cause atrophy of the thymus. With weakened immune systems of children can ingest this kind of food, to enhance the immune system.

Such as: meat, green leafy vegetables, whole grains and other foods.

6, Minerals: human lack of trace elements, it will affect the immune function and immunodeficiency-related enzymes, often by the trace minerals composed. Therefore, we must ensure that the intake of various trace elements, in order to grow strong enough to make a child’s immune system as soon as possible.

Such as: algae, aquatic shellfish, wheat, whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and other foods.

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Article: 6 kinds of nutrition foods to improve baby immunity

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