6 kinds of low-calorie food – fast weight loss detox

N0.1 Cucumber

Calories: 15 calories (per 100 g)

weight loss reasons: cucumber water content of 96% to 98%, it is not only crisp fragrance, taste delicious, and nutritious. It contains pectin, acid and biological activity of enzymes, can promote the body’s metabolism, can treat sunburn, freckles and skin allergies. Cucumber can heat diuretic, prevent constipation. Fresh cucumber contains alcohol acid, can effectively inhibit carbohydrate into fat, so eat cucumbers for weight loss and prevention of coronary heart disease have a great advantage.

Reminder: must eat fresh cucumbers, not eat pickled cucumber, pickled cucumber salt because it will lead to weight gain. Furthermore cucumber less vitamin, not with cucumber when three meals a day to eat. So when you eat cucumbers, should also eat fruits and vegetables as well as some other relatively high protein content of foods, such as soy milk, tofu.

N0.2 Bitter gourd

Calories: 19 calories (per 100 g)

Weight loss reasons: bitter melon ranks first in vitamin C content of vegetables and sugar and fat content is very low, more suitable for obese people to eat. Lose weight eating raw bitter gourd, the main reason is people’s appetite is suppressed bitterness, and bitter gourd itself is not high heat, reduce human intake of energy, naturally thinner.

Reminder: According to the scientists found that bitter melon have anti-fertility effect, bitter gourd in the first trimester and second trimester proteins inhibit endometrial differentiation, interference embryo implantation. Bitter for being pregnant (first trimester and mid-term) impact on people, eating more may lead to miscarriage. So are pregnant or planning to become pregnant friend to be careful oh.

N0.3 Lemon

Calories: 19 calories (per 195 g)

Weight loss reasons: sour lemon is mainly citric acid, citric acid is to promote energy metabolism process will participate in substance, but also the function of fatigue.

Reminder: not with milk drink with lemon, lemon very acid, not directly eaten alone, can be added to salads or salad dishes. Not with milk with lemon drink. Stomach are advised not to drink lemon tea. Not too much time to eat lemons, otherwise it will damage the teeth citrate.
N0.4 Tomatoes

Calories: 19 calories (per 100 g)

Weight loss reasons: Tomatoes are rich in pectin-containing dietary fiber, makes it easy to have a sense of satiety, fiber can not be digested only intestine, also discharged together with excess fat absorption. Lycopene in tomatoes can reduce calorie intake, reduce fat accumulation, and multivitamin supplement, to keep the body balanced nutrition. Meals to eat a tomato, dietary fiber contained therein is not digested in reducing food intake of rice and high-calorie, while preventing the body to absorb more fat in foods. Unique sour tomatoes can also stimulate gastric secretion, promote gastrointestinal motility, to help tomatoes in dietary fiber adsorption excess fat and waste excreted in the intestines together.

Reminder: Due to the tomato flesh inside containing colloidal and soluble astringent, fasting food will chemically react with the acid, poorly soluble form lumps, obstruction of the stomach causes abdominal pain. Therefore, must not be greedy when eating tomatoes. 3-4 per day can be. For the cold constitution or gastrointestinal weak people may choose to heated tomato or tomato juice.

N0.5 Watermelon

Calories: 25 calories (per 100 g)

Weight loss reasons: Watermelon able diuretic, helps digestion, eliminate edema. The moisture content of watermelon, really is not an ordinary fruit can be comparable, which is more than 94% moisture, can help rid the body more than the rest of the water, so to maintain normal functioning kidney function, eliminate swelling phenomenon. Watermelon amine acids, a diuretic function, but not urinary frequency, but is to help reduce the number of times you peeing in the water, and increased urine output, the body of toxins can be discharged smoothly, metabolism naturally good.

Reminder: watermelon Although there are many benefits, but its nutrients relatively simple, only a small amount of protein and fiber, the rest are sugar and water. It should not replace meals to lose weight with watermelon. In addition, although the watermelon itself does not contain fat, but watermelon contains a lot of sugar, eating too much fat also will be converted, half a large watermelon (flesh weighing about four jin), the heat generated is equivalent to three bowls of rice. Eating watermelon diet should pay attention to it, not too much. And in the evening before going to bed four hours nor should eat watermelon, too much sugar makes insulin rise, synthetic fats.

N0.6 Grapefruit

Calories: 33 calories (per 100 g)

Weight Loss reason: “grapefruit diet” is a much 30 years ago, women in Western countries respected weight loss diet. A recent US study found that the diet does have its own unique effect of weight loss. Normally eat three meals a day on half a grapefruit, you can lose an average of 1.62 kg, the effect is good can lose up to 4.5 kg.

Reminder: Grapefruit cold, health than Deficiency, low blood pressure or stomach in patients unfit for human consumption. Do not eat grapefruit medication, especially angina, blood pressure, blood fat, anti-histamine and other drugs, because grapefruit juice contains flavonoids, can inhibit hepatic drug metabolism, resulting in enhanced efficacy and dangerous. Therefore, before and after the medication should be spaced two hours to eat grapefruit, relatively safe. Grapefruit is high potassium foods, uremia and dialysis patients should not eat, so as not to increase the burden on the kidneys.

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Article: 6 kinds of low-calorie food – fast weight loss detox


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