6 kinds of food to lose weight after giving birth most suitable

For many postpartum mom, the rapid weight loss is a very urgent matter, then how should we choose to lose weight during a diet? Here are several suitable would recommend it to everyone Mommy postpartum diet food to help you quickly regain the weight.

1. Red beans

Stone containing alkaline acid, can accelerate gastrointestinal digestion, reduce constipation, accelerate urination, heart or kidney disease eliminate puffiness caused. It also contains cellulose, help the body excrete waste materials, fats, etc., effective stovepipe.

2. Papaya

Fertilizer can become more skinny legs, because, papaya contains proteolytic enzymes, pectin ingredient also has conditioning gastrointestinal function.

3. Seaweed

Vitamins A, with B vitamins contain seaweed, there are many minerals and fiber, regulating body fluid balance is very effective, slender legs may can not want to miss it.

4. Celery

Contains large amounts of cellulose gum with calcium carbonate with nature, can easily be accommodated in the body, the legs need calcium supplements also contain plenty of potassium, prevent lower body edema.

5. Spinach

Spinach has the effect of promoting blood circulation, enabling a more active blood circulation routes, but also the fresh legs of Oxygen with oxygen transport to avoid the leg skin, dry skin, wrinkles appear earlier.

6. Kiwi

The cellulose content of kiwifruit particularly rich, especially vitamin C content are particularly rich, and its function is to break down fat rate, in order to avoid excess fat so that the legs thicker.

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Article: 6 kinds of food to lose weight after giving birth most suitable


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