6 kinds of food can be whitening skin

skin whitening can make people become self-confident, to become happy, even more lovely. White does not have to apply to the face all kinds of cosmetics or skin care products, in life there are many foods also can whitening.

Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and carotene, vitamin A and the role of lubrication and skin healthy and strong, can effectively control freckles and rough skin, the skin becomes white.

Attaining a cucumber is a universal way of whitening, free amino acids and fruit acids it contains, can effectively clean the skin, relieve skin allergies, are all recognized beauty products saint.

Lemon contains vitamin C can promote metabolism, its unique acid composition have a softening cuticle function, can make the skin become more white and shiny.

In addition to tomatoes can inhibit the growth of bacteria, delay cell aging, it can also promote skin regeneration and skin necrosis shedding skin, balance skin PH value, whether it is edible or topical whitening are possible.

Melon of cool, clear heat, detoxification beauty. After the melon, peeled, with skin applied to the face, long-term adherence skin becomes soft and smooth, moist and white.

White radish is rich in vitamin C, can inhibit the formation and precipitation of melanin, also it contains trace amounts of magnesium, invigorating, but also nourish the skin, making it more rosy, white.

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Article: 6 kinds of food can be whitening skin


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