6 daily habits to help skin whitening

To skin whitening, remember to start from our living habits, good habits will help .

1, Before sleeping, then the cucumber cut thin, placed on facial, a few minutes to remove. One month, your face will be white and tender.

2, Every day, after getting up, drinking two cups of water, add some salt, you can clear the stomach.

3, Before going out, and be sure to rub sunscreen lotion and isolation cream, remember to go home immediately remover.

4, First wash with warm water and then cold water, will make the face both clean and pores become smaller.

5, Be sure to drink plenty of water does not stay up late, eat less fried things, to keep the skin clean.

6, Every night after washing face, put Yakult on cotton, directly apply to the face, can whitening and freckle, each dosage, only about one sixth of a bottle of yakult.

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Article: 6 daily habits to help skin whitening

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