5 ways to the face whitening

1, Hot gas steam face
This method is very simple, narrow pores to moisturize the skin! Hot water into the basin, while it is hot, will facial above the basin, to allow steam to help you beauty, so about 5 minutes, you can also buy a dedicated steaming face, is not only convenient, but also can be added your favorite essential oil, kill two birds with one stone!

2, Oral vitamin C
Vitamin C is the best helper of the whitening, it can enhance the skin’s barrier function to protect tissues and organs of the body from external damage and to maintain the normal metabolism of the skin to resolve skin of black and yellow, dull, rough. Daily oral administration of an appropriate amount of vitamin C, can give the skin greatly whitening ingredients!

3, Herbal mask for the health of your white
Teach a homemade herbal mask, white fungus, Hwang, Angelica, Poria, Polygonatum 5 grams, and grinding into fine, and is equipped with 5 g of flour, water reconcile. Mask painted on the skin, 30 minutes after the wash. These herbs can be bought in pharmacies, convenience and at ease. Do not forget to run out mask coated with emulsion and cream.

4, Sugar wash method
Wash every day plus a little sugar, then wash your face with sugar water, will not be long before you will have a smooth white skin.

5, Facial massage
Correct facial massage to get rid of facial deposition of waste materials, speed up metabolism. Facial massage, strength must be gentle, to avoid excessive friction skin to produce more fine lines.

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Article: 5 ways to the face whitening

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