5 types of food to help protect eyesight

One of the important reasons of poor diet and eating habits is also induced myopia. Recommended in the diet should focus on the following food supplement to . Six types of food to help :

1, Pay attention to that vitamin A supplementation
Vitamin A, also known as retinol, plays an important role in the formation of human vision. It is involved in the synthesis of rhodopsin in the retina. If the lack of vitamin A, eyes dark adapt to the environment, decrease, and in severe cases may lead to night blindness.

High vitamin A content of the animal liver, cod liver oil, roe, milk and dairy products, eggs and other. Carotene in the human body can also be converted to vitamin A, known as vitamin A former. vitamin A former in green vegetables and yellow vegetables, fruits such as spinach, leek, pea sprouts, alfalfa, green peppers, sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, apricot, mango more content.

2, Eat more calcium-rich diet
Calcium is the “protector” of the eye tissues. The lack of calcium, could easily lead to vision loss or myopia.

Dairy products, beans, mushrooms, dried fruits and seafood class of foods rich in calcium, and vitamin D with consumption, which will help the absorption of calcium.

3, The trace elements selenium, zinc, chromium can improve the function of eye tissues, and vision loss prevention.

Se more foods are liver, eggs, fish, shellfish, soy, mushrooms, asparagus, shepherd’s purse, carrots, etc; zinc and more foods are: liver, kidney, seafood, dairy, grains, beans, hard fruit; beef, black pepper, brown rice, corn, millet, semolina, brown sugar, grape juice, edible fungi, such as more food containing chromium.

4, Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin C can be reduced to light and oxygen damage to the lens of the eye, thereby delaying the occurrence of cataract. Food containing vitamin c, bell pepper, tomatoes, lemon, kiwi fruit, hawthorn and other fresh vegetables and fruits.

5, Kelp.In addition to containing iodine, kelp also contains 1/3 of mannitol, mannitol diuretic effect to reduce the intraocular pressure used to treat acute glaucoma have a good effect. Other seaweed such as wakame also contains mannitol, can also be used as a food supplement for the treatment of acute glaucoma.

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Article: 5 types of food to help protect eyesight

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