5 reasons for dry skin in the fall – prevent dry skin in autumn

As the temperature gradually decreased, moisture in the air is also reduced, skin problems go hand in hand, such as sensitive skin, dry skin and so on. Apart from weather,  What other reasons cause ?

1. Excessive cleaning

Fall excessive cleaning lead to dry skin. Dry autumn weather itself, because in addition to drying outside, mostly because of excessive cleaning. We principles for health, would choose to wash hands many times , soap and water will lead to dry skin.

Experts recommend taking a bath wash your face, the best choice of type moisturizing bath articles, be sure to use lotion after bathing. Hot bath may also make your skin dry and reduce water temperature, bath time cut short, use moisturizing cream after a bath.

2. Bloodstream not smooth

Bloodstream not smooth is the main cause dry skin. No blood and lymph flow, is the main cause dry skin. After cooling the body, along with blood and lymph circulation becomes blocked, this time the body metabolism become confused, leading to blood rotation is not smooth, healthy skin will enter a vicious cycle of state, so the skin becomes rough and can not accept outside nutrients, appear dry peeling and so on.

3. Horny piled

Horny piled blocking the penetration of skin care products. Gradually horny old waste accumulation wildly like a wall blocking the penetration of skin care products, we can imagine applying moisturizer more futile. Our approach: moisturizing lotion generally weak alkaline PH value, by adding a small amount of organic an alkali to soften the cuticle, can help accelerate the clearing die of skin cells, but also a mild astringent and moisturizing effect. So after cleaning the face, apply moisturizer before being lotion with a cotton pad and pat face invasion, until it is completely absorbed.

4. Ignore fill grease

Autumn dry skin reasons ignore fill grease. While the moisture is often easy to overlook this part of the oil supplement. Because grease is like a seal in moisture barrier, if this layer of protective film disappear, then the water will soon be outside environment air dry. Our approach: in fact very simple, with moisturizing moisturizing “cream” alternative moisturizing lotions can. But how can we know they belong to oily skin need to fill it? In five minutes after washing the face do not rub any skin care products, then gently press absorbing tissues T word parts, if the above but not oil, it means your skin is in a state of lacking fuel.

5. Skin problems

Autumn dry skin causes skin problems. If you have dry skin condition is persistent, the best attention to you is not have some skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and the like questions. Go to the hospital to check, choose the best treatment options.

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Article: 5 reasons for dry skin in the fall – prevent dry skin in autumn

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