5 kinds of food to improve child intelligence

As we all know, smart baby the best time to focus on cultured of 0 to 7 years old, in addition to the necessary training and intellectual stimulation, but more important is the need to provide for the baby’s brain full of nutrients. Due to the irreversibility of brain development has so attentive parents from infancy onwards, we should pay attention to the baby supply of brain nutrition. Following are 5 kinds of food to improve child intelligence:

1, Unsaturated fatty acid improve child intelligence

Fat linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, DHA, EPA and other unsaturated fatty acids, and the development of brain nerve cells plays a very important role in the development. If the lack of it, can easily lead to intellectual development is flawed, permanent damage to brain function.

Rich foods: linoleic acid, linolenic acid present in walnuts and other nuts food. DHA is widely present in seafood, especially deep-sea fish. Fish eye near the adipose tissue DHA particularly rich.

2, Lecithin improve child intelligence

Lecithin is a form of brain tissue, the main component of the brain and spinal cord, when digested lecithin, choline synthesis in the brain, brain choline content is higher, faster neurotransmission, but also with the acceleration of the body’s thinking , memory will be more secure. Lecithin can promote the growth of brain systems and brain volume, and development. Lecithin can not be synthesized in the body, only intake from food.

Rich foods: egg yolks, soybeans, brain, liver, wheat germ, mushrooms and peanuts, sesame seeds and walnuts.

3, Protein improve child intelligence

Protein is one of the main components of brain cells, if the supply of protein deficiency can affect brain cell metabolism, infant mental development blocked. After the protein-containing food digestion, the body itself of its constituting protein. Protein is one of the main components of brain cells, brain cells and is the material basis of excitation and inhibition processes, aspects of its people’s language, thinking, memory, nerve conduction, sports, and plays an important role.

Rich foods: fish, meat, organ meats, milk and dairy products.

4, Iron, and zinc improve child intelligence

Iron: All activities of the brain depends on the supply of oxygen, adequate oxygen supply, the higher the frequency of brain activity, reaction with faster, more efficient, and iron are important participants in the delivery of oxygen, so if iron deficiency, then, will transport of oxygen to the brain leads to reduced, thereby affecting brain function.

Rich foods: liver, eggs, animal blood and spinach.

Zinc: In the body, zinc is the most widely distributed essential trace elements, is the most abundant intracellular trace elements. Zinc deficiency can cause DNA and protein synthesis disorders, brain dysfunction, affect mental development in children. Zinc allow the brain to focus, quick thinking, and memory and storage capabilities are with enhanced information.

Rich foods: such as oysters, liver, peanuts, fish, eggs, milk, meat and fruit. Animal foods not only high levels of zinc, and the absorption rate is also higher than plant foods, such as meat zinc absorption rate as high as 30 to 40 percent, while the absorption rate of plant foods generally only 10 to 20 percent. Plant food in a variety of legumes, nuts zinc more vegetables to cabbage, radish, purple carrots, eggplant higher zinc content.

5, Vitamin BCE improve child intelligence

Role of intelligence on vitamins, nutritional food is the brain of intellectual activity into energy. Without them, no matter how good nutrition can not create smart kids.

B vitamins: the human nervous system is particularly sensitive to a lack of vitamin B family. B vitamins can maintain the normal functioning of the nervous system, promote brain blood circulation, thus improving intelligence. Vitamin B1 has the maintenance and promotion of intelligence activities, intelligence function, in the absence will lead to nerve cell recession function becomes weak. Vitamin B12 is one of the nutrients to maintain intelligence. Folic acid helps to promote brain cell growth, and improve intelligence role.

Rich foods: foods rich in vitamin B2 are beef liver, chicken liver, mushrooms, wheat germ, eggs, cheese and so on. Foods containing vitamin B12 are meat, milk, yeast, fish, beans, egg yolks, nuts, spinach, cheese and so on. Vitamin B1 which can not be stored in the human body, it should be replenished daily.

Vitamin C: It is an important part of neurotransmitters, the brain accepts external stimuli, whether outward sensitive issue commands, will depend on its support, it can also prevent brain cell aging.

Rich foods: Vitamin C rich in fresh fruits and vegetables into, such as apples, fresh dates, oranges, tomatoes, carrot juice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, strawberries and pineapple.

Vitamin E: to maintain the vitality of the brain, to avoid premature aging of the brain, the brain’s protective agent.

Rich foods: Vitamin E in beans, eggs and vegetable oil are widespread. Such as corn oil, peanut oil, soybean oil, rice bran oil, walnuts, sesame seeds, peas, oatmeal, etc.

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Article: 5 kinds of food to improve child intelligence


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