5 diet tips may improve female hair loss

Diet tips to improve female hair loss:

1, Iron supplementation

The study found that nearly thirty percent of the presence of iron deficiency phenomenon of female hair loss, hair loss and therefore patients should eat iron-rich foods, such as beans, black beans, eggs, peanuts, carrots, potatoes, spinach, octopus, shrimp, carp, bananas and so on.

2, Add vegetable protein

The study found that hair loss hair nitrogen acid, cystine significantly reduced, and therefore, the daily should eat foods rich in these two amino acids, such as soy, black sesame, corn and so on.

3, Eat more vegetables and fruits

Consumption of sugary and high fat foods easily lead to women acidic toxins in the blood levels increased, because these substances, resulting in the metabolic process of lactic acid, pyruvic acid, carbonic acid and other acidic substances remain in vivo, resulting in acidic toxins, toxins easily lead to excessive accumulation hair loss. Therefore, female hair loss daily to eat fresh vegetables and fruits, eat less meat and animal offal.

4. Iodine supplementation

Shiny hair and thyroid function of women is related to iodine supplementation can enhance the function of the thyroid gland, is conducive to fitness hair, so hair loss women can eat kelp, seaweed, oysters and other foods.

5, Add vitamin E

Vitamin E can delay the aging of hair, promote hair matrix cell division, inhibition of hair loss. Foods high in vitamin E have lettuce, cabbage, black sesame.

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Article: 5 diet tips may improve female hair loss


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