5 detoxifies food Beauty catalyst

Detoxification and beauty of these two words is more and more linked to the market and the rise of many detoxifies products, but you know, there are many detoxifies the effectiveness of the daily food we eat.

1, Celery

Celery is rich in fiber, can filter out waste substances in our body, and help the body’s circulation role, effectively releasing toxins, but also be able to respond effectively to the disease caused by the accumulation of toxins, such as rheumatism and arthritis, detoxification efficacy evident.

2, Pig blood

Pig’s blood contains plasma proteins, it is our body’s digestive decomposition can produce a detoxifying substances able to clean up the garbage outside invasion in vivo excreted without being absorbed by the body, bowel purge .

3, Kelp

Kelp contains alginic acid, can slow down the intestinal absorption of radioactive elements, harmful substances rapidly excreted, can prevent leukemia, and to promote the health of the human body.

4, Bitter gourd

A lot of bitter foods have detoxification, bitter melon contains a protein can increase the activity of immune cells, effective detoxification, and the face of renewed glory.

5, Tea

Tea polyphenols and Victoria C ingredients, can effectively promote detoxification, tea has also proven to kill cancer cells. The so often tea also detoxifies the effect.

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Article: 5 detoxifies food Beauty catalyst

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