4 main reasons for the dry skin

Following 4 reasons is the main reasons for the :

1, Season and climate: air humidity greatly reduced, and reduced moisture in the air, the moisture evaporates quickly and the stratum corneum, the rapid flow of air will take away the skin of large amounts of water. Cooler weather, the metabolic rate will inevitably slow down, to bring the moisture of the skin surface is naturally reduce the cuticle oil secretion also reduce.

2, Sunshine: specifically, ultraviolet rays cause skin wrinkling, water shortages, sensitive spots of dangerous enemies. The sun brought the high temperature will accelerate skin perspiration cooling, resulting in large amounts of water loss from the skin in the form of sweat.

3, Pollution: pollution of air and environmental causes skin metabolic disorders, dust clogging the pores, leading to excessive secretion of oil, the skin in order to maintain the balance of water and oil is automatically “dehydration”.

4, Ourselves: bad habits, such as staying up late, drinking, smoking, long-term computer radiation environment work no replenishment habits … these will cause the skin dry​​.

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Article: 4 main reasons for the dry skin

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