3 kinds of beauty mask whitening skin and shrinking pores

Made and is nowadays very popular, in fact, many people will have large pores, rough skin troubles, if you want to have flawless skin, learning under four to eliminate pores, skin repair as soon as possible, so that your skin healthy and smooth state.

1, Yogurt Honey Mask
Ingredients: yogurt, honey, refined flour
Approach: Take a tablespoon of yogurt and honey, mixed with 6-8 times the refined flour, into a paste, coating the face and neck and gently massage, to dry slowly, and then followed by a warm towel from the neck to the face to do the ring wipe up wipe.

2, Strawberry Mask repel your acne
Materials: 4 strawberries, 1 teaspoon flour, a little yogurt, honey 1 tsp
Approach: First, with water to strawberries rinse clean, then put the juicer stirring squeeze juice. Then flour and yogurt mixture, then add the strawberry juice and honey and stir evenly. The last will mask painted on wiping the wet face, and kept for 15 minutes and then wash away.
Efficacy: After rinsing, touch the face feeling smooth and supple skin instantly, the pores disappeared. Adhere to once a day, the pores will be able to overcome. More suitable for oily, neutral skin.

3, Yogurt Clean Mask
Material: yogurt and flour
Approach: First, the appropriate amount of of yogurt and flour in small bowl, mix thoroughly into a thick paste. Note Do not be stressed too thin, otherwise it is impossible to mask coating thickness. Then spreads evenly the whole face until after 10 to 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.
Effect: use 4 to 5 times, and the skin will show a new attitude, supple and smooth, the pores disappeared.

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Article: 3 kinds of beauty mask whitening skin and shrinking pores

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