4 homemade fruit facial mask moisturizing whitening

Skin and our lives are the same, if not enough water, it will become dry, slowly, over time will become dry without gloss, peeling serious cause wrinkles and spots appear. Therefore, moisturizing skin care can not be separated. Now the summer heat, moisture without delay, the following four kinds of DIY Mask, making the simplest and most readily available materials, cost the least, but a good moisturizing effect.

1,  Watermelon egg yolks Mask

Material: Watermelon one, egg yolk half, the amount of flour

Easy DIY:

1, watermelon, watermelon whichever meat, mashed, add half of egg yolks and mix well.

2, slowly add a little flour to make it into a paste.

3, spreads in the face for 10 minutes after the wash.

Features: Watermelon cool, moist egg yolks effect, both made ​​of moisturizing with mask, moisturizing effect is very good. Watermelon in the summer you can buy, an egg egg yolks removed, you can also apply egg white neck and hands, both affordable and with good results, quickly try it.

2, Bitter gourd Moisturizing Mask

Material: White bitter gourd one

Easy DIY:

1 Wash the bitter gourd, ice in the refrigerator for about 2 hours.

2 out of washed, cut into thin slices.

3, with chopped bitter gourd pieces attached to the whole face, apply after 15 minutes, remove and rinse with water.

Features: bitter on the skin moisturizing, whitening, sedation, moisture and other effects, especially in summer moisture loss, and tend to darken, this time with bitter gourd whitening moisturizer, simple and handy and significant results. After sun bask after my face was red with sun signs, the time to take the bitter gourd cold ice cooling, the effect is very good too.

3, Banana Honey Moisturizing Mask

Ingredients: half a banana (choose almost rotten bananas would be better), 1 teaspoon honey

Easy DIY:

1, the honey to reconcile bananas, mashed with a spoon.

2, after cleaning the skin, the mask on face for 10-15 minutes.

3, and then rinse with warm water can be, can be used every day.

Features: Bananas are common in tropical regions and inexpensive fruit, but its nutritional value is very high, bananas are rich in protein, starch, vitamins and minerals, in particular, it is rich in potassium, for cardiovascular diseases is a kind of very good food. For the skin, the banana is also a good mask material, deposited directly to the mashed bananas in the face with a gentle cleansing and nourishment to repair the skin. This mask also add honey to enhance the function of moisturizing, ideal for dry, dehydrated skin for everyday use.

4, Cucumber Mask

Ingredients: 2 small cucumbers, egg white one, a little flour

Easy DIY:

1 small cucumber juice with a beat machine, shattering.

2, cucumber juice, egg white and egg yolks and mix thoroughly.

3, slowly add flour mushy.

Features: moisturizing, , calming inflammation, also suitable mask made ​​after sun skin care. The remaining mask can also be used to spread elsewhere in the body, such as arms, neck, shoulders and so on. We can also according to their skin condition, add lemonade, protein, vitamin E tablets.

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Article: 4 homemade fruit facial mask moisturizing whitening

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