3 tips to clear acne and remove blackheads

Everyone wants to have a smooth and flawless skin, but the nose blackheads are endless. In fact, many times we will continue to have blackheads the residual acne because the face, if not timely removal will evolve into pimples and blackheads. Let us take a look at how three measures and remove blackheads!

1, Respond routine maintenance

Every day to exercise, you can let the spirit relax, and to adjust the cell metabolism and regularity of sebum secretion; attention to the dietary structure is reasonable in the daily diet, try to eat less spicy, fried and high calorie foods, and more drink green tea, because the tannins in green tea has a good effect.

2, Eat more kelp and bitter gourd

Because kelp is rich in minerals, regular consumption can regulate blood pH and prevent skin excessive secretion of oils and fats, and bitter gourd contains vitamin B, vitamin C, can cure acne and freckles. daily diet, you can eat more seaweed and bitter gourd to restore balance to the endocrine and grease secretions and reconcile the gastrointestinal irascibility can effectively prevent the proliferation of acne blackheads.

3, Emergency treatment measures

If the acne blackhead outbreak more serious word, can take the following four measures timely treatment: ①hot and cold therapy, is to wash your face with hot water, then use cold water to wash it again, this is the most urgent to effectively processing method; ② steaming the face with steam, because the steam can play to clear pores, inhibit sebum secretion; ③ cucumber mask, can make the skin convergence, make the skin smooth and not greasy; ④ an hour before bedtime hot bath, and then use a calm, decompression of effective body lotion to ease the tense mood, restful sleep good sleep, and will be able to reduce the increase in acne blackheads.

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Article: 3 tips to clear acne and remove blackheads

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