3 skin whitening tips in autumn

How to skin whitening in autumn? Fall whitening methods, what does?

Whitening first one: sunscreen work to do

UV raging, easy to make skin becomes dull, the skin can also cause delayed sunburn, done before whitening care becomes a wasted effort, so it must be good sunscreen. When we are doing whitening care, you can have melanin gradually eliminated; while sunscreens can help suppress the new skin melanin, so the dermis from UV damage, maintain healthy skin foundation.

Whitening second measure: Regular exfoliation

Why even the best skin whitening products can not absorb? One reason is that many people overlook exfoliating effect, resulting in new and old horny skin alternately too slowly, slowly accumulated melanin in the skin of the bottom, the worst case, but also the formation of colored dots spots. Long-term care not to exfoliate the skin, then the skin horny layer after layer, there is no way of whitening products reduce melanin deep within the skin, while horny is not only to prevent the discharge of melanin murderer, but also cause skin rough, dull reasons, so exfoliate regularly to make whitening ingredients penetrate the skin deep, to prevent the formation of melanin, but also your skin smooth and soft white.

Whitening third measure: Note enhance moisture

Whitening products, particularly those with alcohol (acid) and vitamin c and other ingredients of the cream, the skin will contribute to a slight water scarcity. The air-conditioned environment more ubiquitous prompted the water consumption. Dry aging skin, resulting in cell metabolism slows down, melanin is no way excluded from the body, not only affect the skin whitening effect, it will derivative dull, fine lines, relaxation and other skin conditions. Therefore, moisturizing to the skin whitening is one of the keys, as plump and supple body melanoma cells can be excluded through metabolism, but also will be transported skin whitening molecules to the deep skin .

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Article: 3 skin whitening tips in autumn

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