3 simple methods in skin oil control

For oily skin, friends, fall and winter seasons for most people is more difficult time period. At this time the skin will be dry, but also a lot of oil, so the face will often greasy, so your face will become a “big oil”, for autumn and winter oil control in the end what is a good way to do it? Here is we introduce some simple oil control method.

1, Do not always wash your face, wash too many times, or too thoroughly cleaned, then make the skin surface moisture and oils and moisture retaining layer was washed together, without the return to the original level before a wash your face, the these substances will lose not added a long passage of time is a kind of vicious circle, it is recommended washed face, use some of the oil control has the effect of moisturizing products, so the skin will be able to both the oil control and moisturizing.

2, Work to do for the skin moisturizing, skin oils reasons everyone should know in order to protect the face of the water, so blindly oil control is definitely less effective practice important thing you need to do is to help the skin firmly lock in moisture, the use of molecular nails, peptides and so has the ability to lock the water skin care products, a little moisture in the skin, oil will naturally not so much.

3, We have said above, as long as adequate skin moisture, oil would not be so much, lotion itself has a good moisturizing effect, can be a good quality to reduce the secretion of the skin, this need not say too much, just Note that the choice, do not use products that contain chemicals, oil ended up not doing sensitive to more harm than good.

Finally, in winter you can use cold water wash, this season and the other seasons are different, do not because of the cold water too cold and evasive, because cold water to close the pores can play the effect, then the pores will naturally after the oil secretion is reduced, the number of not too much, this oil control is temporary pores restitution after will still continue to secrete, before restitution in the pores, good moisturizing oil control on the line.

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Article: 3 simple methods in skin oil control

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