18 tips for a globally recognized life extension

Longevity is everyone’s dream. American ” Web MD Network” summarizes the latest economic research, published in the longevity of the 18 secrets.

1 . Protecting DNA. With the aging of the human body will be shortened telomeres ( the ends of chromosomes ) shorter people more susceptible to illness . Proper diet and exercise and other healthy lifestyle can improve one kind of enzyme levels lengthened telomeres protect telomeres.

2 . Things seriously . A period of 80 years of research findings , serious and responsible people only pay attention to detail and perseverance , but also good at health , relationships and more secure and more successful career .
3 . Make friends. Australia’s latest study found that dating beneficial longevity. Than people with fewer friends , old ” socialite ” 10 years lower mortality .

4 . Choose your friends . Several studies found that obesity has a social contagious , if a friend was obese , your risk of obesity will increase 57%. Therefore, the best choice for a healthy lifestyle make friends with people .

5 . Quit completely . England a 50-year study found that quitting smoking can increase longevity at age 30 10 years ; 40 years old, 50 years old and 60 years old to quit smoking , respectively zengshou 9 years , 6 years and 3 years.

6 . Afternoon nap . Nap beneficial longevity. One involving 24,000 participants who study found that regular naps can reduce the risk of heart disease mortality of 37% .

7 . Mediterranean diet. One pair involving 50 million people 50 studies meta-analysis found that in fruits, vegetables, whole grains , olive oil and fish -based Mediterranean diet can significantly reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome .

8 . Eat eight full . Study found that residents of the Japanese island of Okinawa longevity Cheats vegetables with low-calorie diet and more relevant . They follow the ” eat eight full ” principle.

9 . Married. Many studies show that married persons live longer than single . This marriage brings more social and economic support are not unrelated.

10 . Lose weight. weight loss can reduce diabetes, heart disease and other fatal disease risk . Intake of dietary fiber and regular exercise can effectively reduce belly .

11 . Regular exercise . Regular exercise can reduce heart disease, stroke , diabetes , certain cancers and depression risk . Moderate-intensity exercise per week to 2.5 hours.

12 . Moderate drinkers . Moderate alcohol consumption beneficial longevity. The American Heart Association recommends that men and women daily alcohol intake of no more than 1 cup of the best and 1-2 cups . Who never drank better not drinking.

13 . Rich spiritual life. One over the age of 65 as an object of a 12-year study found a rich spiritual life of the elderly , the key immune protein levels higher and lower mortality .

14 . Tolerant . Anger will reduce the long-term lung function, increased heart disease, stroke and other diseases dangerous . The tolerance can reduce anxiety, lower blood pressure, making breathing more smoothly.

15 . Attention to safety. Car accidents are the fifth largest cause of death in the United States . Seat belts and other safety measures , you can make a car accident death or serious injury rate decreased by 50%.

16 . Ensure sleep . Enough quality sleep can reduce obesity, diabetes , heart disease and risk of mood disorders , diseases cured faster. In contrast, less than 5 hours of sleep per night will greatly increase the risk of premature death .

17 . Good decompression. Studies have found that lifestyle changes such as decompression can prevent heart disease. Yoga , meditation is a good decompression method .

18 . Life goals. Japan, a 13-year study found that target more specific people including wind and lower heart disease mortality .

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Article: 18 tips for a globally recognized life extension

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