10 kinds of food empty stomach to eat unhealthy

Garlic contains allicin, fasting to eat garlic, will gastric mucosa, intestinal wall caused by strong stimulation, can lead to gastrointestinal spasm and cramps.

2.Cold drinks:
Fasting state, a lot of cold drinks will stimulate gastrointestinal contracture occurs, induced gastrointestinal diseases.

3. Persimmon and tomato:
Both foods contain more pectin, tannic acid, a chemical reaction with the acid gel bulk material, easy to form stones in the stomach.

4. Hawthorn and orange:
Both foods contain a large number of organic acids, acid, hawthorn acid. Consumption will increase in fasting gastric acid, gastric mucosa adverse stimulus, so that stomach fullness, vomiting acidic water.

Fasting gastric juice will dilute tea, lower digestive function, can also cause “tea drunk”, expressed as dizziness, fatigue, standing firm and so on.

Milk contains large amounts of protein, empty stomach, the protein will be “forced” into heat energy consumed, would not achieve nutritional tonic.

Empty stomach yogurt, will weaken the health effects of yogurt, and two hours after dinner drink or to drink before going to bed, both nourishing health care, promoting digestion, another exhaust catharsis.

Bananas have more magnesium, fasting to eat on the cardiovascular inhibition produced is not conducive to good health.

9.White spirit:
Fasting gastric alcohol will stimulate, a long time can lead to gastritis, gastric ulcer and other diseases.

Sugar is a highly digestion and absorption of food, fasting lot of sugar, the body can not produce enough insulin, a short time to maintain normal blood sugar, so that a sudden increase in blood glucose easily lead to diseases of the eye.

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Article: 10 kinds of food empty stomach to eat unhealthy

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